Is This Really Legal? Warrantless Entry, Arrest, and Excessive Force in Alabama

A recent post-game celebration in Tuscaloosa, Alabama received national attention after local news reported an altercation between University of Alabama students and local police. Videos of the incident, captured by bystanders, paint a violent picture as police tasered students multiple times, threw them to the ground, struck them with batons and dragged them outside of

Plea Bargains — The Plea Bargainer’s Dilemma

Suppose two of your friends drive over to your house in New Jersey and pick you up for, what you believe, is a night on the town. As their car is pulling out of your driveway, two police cars pull up, sirens blaring, and the officers jump out, weapons drawn. You are arrested and charged

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling?

In August of 2015, Forbes published an article highlighting the fast-growing daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. The rise of fantasy sports and most specifically fantasy football has been truly remarkable. In recent years, fantasy football has absolutely exploded with over 30 million Americans playing fantasy football annually. Fueled by over one billion dollars in venture

It’s Time to Act (FAST) on Student Loans

Maybe it’s just because I’m a student, but it seems like every day there are new articles online about the decline of the American education system. Whether it’s test scores or school funding, we are constantly competing with other countries on several metrics. We know highly skilled workers drive our economy, so what are we

Federal Gun Control: What’s Next After the Brady Act?

Over twenty years have passed since President Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (known as the “Brady Act”). With the publicity surrounding recent school shootings and other mass shooters, people are outraged over gun control policy. Within the past year, there have been forty-seven school shootings. Twenty-six of the school shootings resulted in