Using COVID-19 as a Cover for Binding Regulatory Change: Title IX under Trump

(Source)   On August 14, 2020, colleges and universities will be required to comply with what is essentially an overhaul of the Title IX system as it has existed for over the last decade. Title IX has been revolutionary in combating sexual harassment and sexual abuse in schools, on sports teams, and in other educational

Student Loans: An Evolving Balancing Act of Public and Private Lenders

(Source)   As the political circuit heats up, politicians have acknowledged the public’s growing concern for the student debt crisis. The issue has taken center stage, especially among millennial voters, as collective student debt in the United States has hit $1.5 trillion—becoming one of the largest consumer debt categories. The rise of student debt parallels

Can Congress Rescue Students from Drowning in Debt?

Jessica Flores analyzes the student loan debt crisis in the United States and explores potential solutions to this national problem.

Regulating For-Profit Higher Education

Scott Davidson weighs in on the need to regulate for-profit schools.

Is it time to get rid of 3L?

Imagine a world where law school is only two years.

STEM Teachers are Inadequate, and Students are the Ones Getting Hurt

Margaret Schmidt looks at the current deficiency of good STEM education teachers and its impact on the future of our nation’s youth.

Fair? Well… a response to “A Farewell to Affirmative Action”

Lyndsey Marcelino responds to Margaret Schmidt’s post that analyzed the affirmative action admission policies in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.