It’s Time for Dreams to Come True

Jessica Flores analyzes the impact of the federal government shutdown on immigration reform and advocates for the passage of the DREAM Act.

My Life as an Undocumented American

Mr. Krsna Avila describes how his view of himself as an American was shattered when he discovered his status as an undocumented immigrant. He describes how his status as an undocumented immigrant affected his emotions and his identity.

Human Rights for Immigrant Children and the NY State DREAM Act

Crossing the border, underage and unaccompanied, and the implications on human rights. Aryah Somers discusses the politics and human rights issues stemming from the migration of immigrant children.

9/11’s Impact on U.S. Immigration Policy

Muzaffar Chishti discusses the biggest reorganization of the federal government since the end of World War II, September 11th.

Words of a Dreamer: An Undocumented Student’s Story of the DREAM Act

Uncertainty and diminishing job prospects for undocumented youth and the pathway to permanent residency through the DREAM Act. Kemi Bello discusses.