Rough Waters

The possibility of a shipwreck is the least of a cruise passenger’s worries.

The Amazon Chernobyl

Attempts to clean up an Ecuadorean region of the Amazon prove to be messier than the damage left behind by oil companies.

ObamaCare Recusal

Requests that some justices recuse themselves from hearing the healthcare cases reveal the public’s declining trust of the Supreme Court.

Let Them Drink Perrier

How a dictator’s son funds his lavish lifestyle in Bel Air while many of his country’s citizens lack access to clean water.

A Selfish Kind of Love

Even after death, private details about the King of Pop continue to be distributed for public consumption.

Cops and Occupiers

The NYPD’s strategy for responding to Occupy Wall Street could be more effective at protecting the protestors’ First Amendment rights.

Their First College Exam Was a Drug Test

When one Missouri college decided to institute a mandatory drug testing policy, students responded with a class-action lawsuit. Puja Patel discusses.