A Tale of Two Banks

The financial world is abuzz with news of the landmark sanctions the US brought against foreign banking giants UBS and HSBC. Nate Hoeschen attempts to make sense of these scandals and the apparently erratic enforcement policy they suggest.

Choosing Justices

With three Supreme Court Justices to celebrate their 80th birthdays in the next four years, it’s likely that we’ll see at least a few new appointees in President Obama’s new term. Nate Hoeschen questions the method used when new justices are chosen.

The Impressive Reach of the Contempt Power

Since the nation’s founding, courts have enjoyed the power to punish “an act of disobedience or disrespect towards the judicial branch.” How far can this power stretch? Nathan Hoeschen explains.

The “America Invents Act”: Changing Pretty Much Nothing in 2013

After years of boldly being the only developed nation with a first-to-invent patent system, America is finally going first-to-file . . . and Nathan Hoeschen explains why it probably doesn’t matter.

Should Unpaid Internships be Legal?

It should go without saying that new entrants into the workforce prefer to be paid for their work. Nathan Hoeschen explains why we should care that an estimated 500,000 young go-getters agree to work for free as unpaid interns every year.