The Life Cycle of a Note

Have you ever wondered how notes are selected for publication or what Cornell’s journals do with the large number of notes written by associates each year? Mystyc Metrik explains the life cycle of a note.

Here’s To You, Pamela Shelinsky

In light of the untimely passing of a former JLPP Article Editor, Pamela Shelinsky (1980-2011), Mystyc Metrik takes a moment to commemorate Ms. Shelinsky’s life and achievements.

One Book, Two Books, Redbook, Bluebook

Have you ever wondered why we use Bluebook citation form for virtually EVERYTHING we do in law school? What makes the Bluebook so special, anyway, besides its mass? Mystyc Metrik gives you the inside scoop on legal citation.

Writing For a Jury of Your Peers

Would you be interested in seeing another law journal at Cornell? In this post, Mystyc Metrik describes some relative pros and cons of both the traditional student-edited law journal and peer-reviewed journals.

A Look Back in Time with JLPP’s First Editor-in-Chief

After getting in touch with JLPP’s very first editor-in-chief, Karen Kemble, Mystyc Metrik brings you a sneak peek back in time to see how JLPP was created.

Through the Looking Glass: Law Journals Unmasked

Mystyc Metrik begins her column exploring the history and mechanics of law journals with a discussion of the inception of law journals.