Of Bathrooms and Bullycides: How Not to Protect LGBT Youth from Harassment

Professor Susan Hazeldean discusses the impact of schools’ discriminatory treatment of LGBT youth.

Tackling Complex Public Policy Concerns: The Need for Interdisciplinary, Problem-Solving Clinical Education

Are you familiar with acid violence and how to combat it? Complex public policy problems, arising from globalization and specialization between and within disciplines, are at the forefront of society’s development issues. Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum discusses an innovation methodology to solve these problems.

Regulation Room: Getting More, Better Public Participation

Professor Cynthia Farina discusses how Cornell’s e-Rulemaking Initiative’s “Regulation Room” helps government get better public participation in writing new regulations

Human Rights for Immigrant Children and the NY State DREAM Act

Crossing the border, underage and unaccompanied, and the implications on human rights. Aryah Somers discusses the politics and human rights issues stemming from the migration of immigrant children.

9/11’s Impact on U.S. Immigration Policy

Muzaffar Chishti discusses the biggest reorganization of the federal government since the end of World War II, September 11th.

Open, Notorious, and Continuously Occupied: A Claim for Adverse Possession

Is the sanctity of land ownership at odds with adverse possession? Professor Laura Underkuffler discusses the intricacies and controversy surrounding the doctrine of adverse possession.

Words of a Dreamer: An Undocumented Student’s Story of the DREAM Act

Uncertainty and diminishing job prospects for undocumented youth and the pathway to permanent residency through the DREAM Act. Kemi Bello discusses.

What is the Tea Party?

An amalgamation of small, regional tea parties throughout the country—The Tea Party—touches even the liberal collegetown of Ithaca. But what is the Tea Party?