The Rights of Detained Undocumented Children

Lyndsey Marcelino explores the policies and protections afforded to undocumented minors in federal immigration detention.

Extending Labor Protections to Domestic Workers

Lyndsey Marcelino explores the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, legislation recently vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in California that would have provided labor protections to domestic workers.

A Chance to be FREED from Eating Disorders

Lyndsey Marcelino explores the FREED Act and discusses how such legislation could affect the eating disorder community.

Fair? Well… a response to “A Farewell to Affirmative Action”

Lyndsey Marcelino responds to Margaret Schmidt’s post that analyzed the affirmative action admission policies in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.

DACA brings Hope and Caution for Undocumented Young People

Lyndsey Marcelino gives a thorough overview of DACA’s criteria as well as practical advice for undocumented individuals covered by the Act.