The Horrors of Body Donation

(Source)   What rights do you have to your body when you die? None. But your family gets some. They get the right to preserve and dispose. They can choose whether to bury, cremate, or even cryo-preserve you. And they can choose whether to donate your body to science. Usually, your family will follow your

DEI Initiatives in Sports Organizations Post-Fair Admissions

(Source)   Diversity, equity, and inclusion (commonly referred to as DEI), are “three closely linked values held by many organizations that are working to be supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations.” Organizations, including sports organizations, use DEI initiatives to promote these values. An

Whose Duty is it Anyway?: Discussing the Changes to ABA Model Rule 1.16

(Source)   Introduction The American Bar Association (ABA) recently promulgated a change to Rule 1.16 of their Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The change charges lawyers with a duty to make certain clients retaining them are not doing so to help them commit continuing illegal activities. This is a change from previous versions of the

Voter Registration and Voter Turnout 

(Source)   In 2020, about two-thirds (66%) of the voting-eligible population turned out for the presidential election. While the 2020 presidential election saw the highest voter turnout rate since 1900, still one-third of the population did not vote. If that one-third of the population voted, the election results could have easily changed. Not to mention,

The Uncertain Future of Acquitted Conduct Sentencing

(Source)   Daytona McClinton was seventeen years old when he robbed a CVS pharmacy with five of his friends, while brandishing a firearm. After fleeing the scene, a fight ensued and one of the other robbers was shot and killed. For this crime, McClinton was charged as an adult, and convicted of robbery and brandishing

Burning Issues: Exploring the EPA’s New Rule for Trash Incineration

(Source)   On Jan 11, 20024, the EPA proposed a new rule with a more stringent air pollution standard for large waste plants that burn municipal solid waste. The newly proposed standard by the EPA would apply to the 57 facilities across the nation that can burn more than 250 tons of waste per day.

Education Savings Accounts: The Poison Pill for Public Education?

(Source)   The current state of public education has been a hotly debated topic since the COVID shutdown in 2020. Reading and math scores have dropped in the United States, further widening the gap between high-income and low-income students. This change has added fuel to the school choice movement. During her tenure in the Trump

Ozempic: A Miracle Drug or the Start of a Public Health Crisis?

(Source)   Ozempic, an injectable diabetes drug manufactured by Novo Nordisk, has recently increased in popularity and has caught the attention of celebrities and the general public alike. Known for its significant weight loss effects, Ozempic and similar products are changing how Americans approach nutrition, exercise, and body image. In addition to these potentially dangerous