Partisan Gerrymandering: All or None         

                                                                                                      (Source) Each election in

Impropriety of the Reid Technique on Developing Brains


Is Corporation Book Minimum Tax an Optimal Government Revenue?


Toward a U.S.-Cuba Détente

(Source) The United States and Cuba share a long, complex history—from allies to enemies when, in 1959, Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista, President of Cuba’s then U.S.-backed government, in the establishment of a socialist state. During the half-century that followed, successive U.S. administrations economically and diplomatically isolated the island country, most notably through the imposition

Mandatory Motor Vehicle Inspections: Keeping the Roads Safe or Unduly Impacting the Poor?

                                                                                                        (Source) In the

Pay-per-read: The Cost of Revitalizing the Newspaper Industry


Foul: The Inadequate NFL Response to Player Violence

                                                                                                       (Source) The NFL has

Dust to Dust: Why We Should Legalize Human Composting

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The Lingering Effects of Trump’s Family-Separation Policy

(Source) “They had to use physical force to take the child out of his hands,” one Border Patrol agent told The Washington Post. The man, Marco Antonio Muñoz, was initially placed in a chain-link detention cell, but, so agitated over the separation of his family, was later taken to a local jail. “He yelled and