Guise of Belief: Acquiring Religious Accommodations with an Invented Religion and a Veil of Religious Sincerity

Is there any way for a jury or judge to see past a sufficiently sophisticated farce? For now, we’ll have to hope that invented religions stick to humor and forgo genuine dedication to acquiring religious accommodations through an elaborate ruse.

Getting the Elephant out of the Room: A Needed Update to the Animal Welfare Act’s Humaneness Requirement as a Prohibition of Elephant Captivity in Zoos

The best solution for elephants currently suffering in zoos is to move them to elephant sanctuaries. A chorus of public and institutional support already exists for getting elephants out of zoos.

Voting Rights for the Incarcerated

These stunning statistics do not just affect policy implications for racial subjugation but also proper rehabilitation of ex-felons into normal society.

The 2017 Tax Reform and Its Effect on Renewables

As the Tax Reform Act continues to be implemented, the wind and solar energy sectors will be key industries to watch. Most likely, the late 2017 tax legislation will dampen incentives to invest in the renewables industry.

“The Subject Was Muddy and Wet”: The Illegality of Zero Tolerance

The disorder is a reminder of a grasping, struggling, messy attempt with no guarantee of successful entry, or even survival, by the end.

An Administrative Law Approach to Criminal Justice Reform

While the main utility of fusion centers at their inception was avoiding future terrorist attacks, they quickly transformed into tools of local policing.