New Regulations Seek to Curb Perceived Food Stamp Abuse

New state regulations on spending are designed to curb food stamp abuse. But are these prescriptions for change worse than the problem?

How Will the Law Handle Self-Driving Cars? 

Enter: the self-driving car. The self-driving car is never distracted, never asleep at the wheel, and never drunk. This should theoretically improve road safety. But what happens when it malfunctions?

Economically Bankrupt- Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge

The case that allowing students to discharge student loans in bankruptcy could benefit students and the economy in the long run.

Anti-Bullying: The Legal Landscape

Advocates argue that laws against bullying will aid in reducing victimized students and improving children’s lives.

“Cyber-Service:” Manhattan Justice Cooper Allows Process Service via Facebook

Extending the doctrine allowing service on an airplane over a state, one judge has held that you can serve process via a Facebook message.

Update on Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Latest Lawsuits

Plaintiffs in California and NY have filed lawsuits challenging their respective states’ laws prohibiting Physician-Assisted Suicide because the statute violates privacy & due process rights.

Direct to Arbitration:Enforcing Arbitration in Consumer Contracts

The Supreme Court will review a class action lawsuit by consumers challenging DirecTV’s cancellation which also forces consumers to arbitrate. Should they enforce the mandator arbitration clause?

Medical Marijuana Bill Does Not Fully Secure Industry

Bipartisan legislation would permit medical weed and defer to states.Also important are the ways this wouldn’t normalize medical marijuana.


Uber’s “ridesharing service” endeavors to replace taxis but the way it escapes regulation could hurt consumers and competitors.

Dead Man Walking to the Supreme Court

Before the Supreme Court is a case that could determine the future of Lethal Injection as a method to administer the death penalty in the United States.