If after another six months the situation persists, the parents can be assessed up to $500 in fines. Six months after that, if the problem continues, the parents can be fined an additional $800. All because their kids have high BMIs.

Clinton Correspondence Controversy

Naturally, the question of whether Clinton’s use of a private e-mail account is against the law has risen. Her critics have cited numerous ways in which she may be criminally prosecuted. What’s the truth?

Speech & Debate in Letters to Leaders(Prof. Josh Chafetz Speaks)

An interview with Prof. Josh Chafetz underlining why the speech and debate clause probably protects those 47 Republican Senators you’ve heard about this month.

Sexual Assault on Campus: Overdue Due Process

Under the mounting pressure of this “victim culture,” many colleges and universities have changed their policies on sexual assault to provide more protections to victims. These changes, while well-intentioned, ultimately infringe on the civil rights of the accused.

Regulating GMOs: There a lot of Green at Stake in the New Green Revolution

After the dust had settled, a total of nearly thirty million dollars had been spent on the ballot-measure. That’s a lot of green. The pro-labeling contingent behind Measure 92, the Oregon Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative, ended up losing in a recount by only 837 out of over 1.5-million votes cast.

A Civil Liberties Blackout in Chicago

Imagine getting taken into police custody in the United States without being allowed access to your constitutional rights. For some citizens in Chicago, this may be a nightmare come true.

Isolation is Not the Answer: Public Locker Room Access for Transgender Individuals

Imagine being harassed by law enforcement everytime you present identification because they believe you don’t “look” your gender.

Getting Schooled: Student Bankruptcy in America

“Students should not be required to rely on an obscure exception to an exception to receive the same kind of treatment as every other debtor.”