Certified Review: The Islamic State

Arlan Cohen revisits his recent report on the Islamic State, “Scared to Fight,” with Cornell Law Professor Jens David Ohlin. In part two of the interview, they continue their discussion of the legal and policy justifications governing the US response in Iraq and Syria.

Green Jobs, Green Growth: The Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization

Imagine an economic stimulus plan that will increase tax revenue, produce jobs, stimulate tourism, and grow small business. Does that sound like smoke and mirrors?

Driving the Highway: Pot Legalization & Intoxicated Drivers

Today, rhetoric surrounding pot has become a bit more realistic, but many of our laws remain rooted in the myth and xenophobia that prompted films like Reefer Madness.

The Legal Battle Surrounding Physician-Assisted Suicide

Advocates of death with dignity may question how they can access the judicial system to promote their cause going forward. The answer is that they can focus on utilizing state courts.

Establishing a Right to Die

While the slippery-slope concerns are valid, conceivably, there are ways to draw clear lines that permit only voluntary euthanasia.