Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?

Margaret Schmidt examines the current debate on whether the federal minimum wage should be raised to what many call a “living wage.”

Choosing Justices

With three Supreme Court Justices to celebrate their 80th birthdays in the next four years, it’s likely that we’ll see at least a few new appointees in President Obama’s new term. Nate Hoeschen questions the method used when new justices are chosen.

The Slow Rise of Assisted Suicide

Zach Zemlin examines various assisted suicide laws in the United States and how they work.

Should Cyclists Have the Ride of Way?

JLPP Blogger Alex Poe explores reasons why cyclists might be safer on the road rather than the sidewalk and how cars and cyclists can co-exist.

The Rights of Detained Undocumented Children

Lyndsey Marcelino explores the policies and protections afforded to undocumented minors in federal immigration detention.