The Third Circuit Adopts the Exclusionary Rule in Immigration Removal Proceedings

In her latest post, Lauren Bowman discusses the impact of the Third Circuit case Oliva-Ramos v. Attorney General on immigration removal proceedings.

Eyewitness Testimony Part IV: Reducing the Rate of Wrongful Convictions

In Part IV of his series of related posts, JLPP’s Greg Renick discusses whether the Biggers five-factor approach to weighing the credibility of eyewitnesses violates due process.

The Lottery Tax

In the aftermath of the Powerball Lottery craze, Michaela Dudley discusses the adverse impact the lottery takes on low-income Americans.

The Impressive Reach of the Contempt Power

Since the nation’s founding, courts have enjoyed the power to punish “an act of disobedience or disrespect towards the judicial branch.” How far can this power stretch? Nathan Hoeschen explains.

The Societal Impact of Long-Term Unemployment

Margaret Schmidt considers the damaging effects on the increasing number of people who are facing unemployment lasting 6 months or longer.