Using the Internet to Police the Police

Michaela Dudley examines a potential solution for uncovering police brutality in light of the recent jury verdict against the City of Chicago.

Custom Drugs, Inc.

Zach Zemlin looks at compounding pharmacies and whether the recent meningitis outbreak will affect regulation in this booming industry.

Legal Issues to Watch in 2013

JLPP’s Alex Poe takes us through his top five law and public policy topics to keep an eye on in 2013.

Let’s Move America: Behind Michelle Obama’s Vision for America’s Children

Lauren Bowman reflects on Michelle Obama’s healthy eating campaign during her past two years as First Lady.

Extending Labor Protections to Domestic Workers

Lyndsey Marcelino explores the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, legislation recently vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in California that would have provided labor protections to domestic workers.

Eyewitness Testimony Part III: Reducing the Rate of Wrongful Conviction

In Part III of his series of related posts, JLPP’s Greg Renick analyzes empirical research that tends to call for a reform of the Biggers five-factor approach to weighing the credibility of eyewitnesses.

Reinsurance: The Key to Disaster Insurance

Zach Zemlin explains what reinsurance is and how it will help with the rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.

34 Years Later, Pregnant Women Continue to Face Discrimination at Work

Margaret Schmidt explores the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act currently on the Senate Floor and its implications on existing discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace.