The Internet Home of the Cowards

JLPP’s Senior Blog Editor Suzy Marinkovich looks at the heated debate on online anonymity.

The Injustice Facing Juvenile Sex Offenders

Michaela Dudley examines the impact of Megan’s Law on juvenile sex offenders.

The Fight for Consumer Freedom in California’s Prop 37

Do you know what is in your food? In this eye-opening post, Lauren Bowman explains proposed legislation in California that would require labels on foods containing GMOs.

Fair? Well… a response to “A Farewell to Affirmative Action”

Lyndsey Marcelino responds to Margaret Schmidt’s post that analyzed the affirmative action admission policies in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.

The Rising Cost of Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Zach Zemlin looks at the role played by copay cards in our nation’s rising healthcare costs.

Should Unpaid Internships be Legal?

It should go without saying that new entrants into the workforce prefer to be paid for their work. Nathan Hoeschen explains why we should care that an estimated 500,000 young go-getters agree to work for free as unpaid interns every year.

Where is the Breast Best?

What is it about breastfeeding that gets people all worked up? Michaela Dudley looks into the controversy.

DACA brings Hope and Caution for Undocumented Young People

Lyndsey Marcelino gives a thorough overview of DACA’s criteria as well as practical advice for undocumented individuals covered by the Act.

A Farewell to Affirmative Action

Margaret Schmidt reflects on the importance of Fisher v. University of Texas as a vessel for modifying the country’s flawed affirmative action programs.