When Does a Merger Lead to Monopoly? (Or at least Duopoly.)

In today’s complex world of business, it may be hard to see why some mergers succeed but others fail. This week, Adam Augusiak-Boro sheds some insight on what makes a successful merger with his AT&T/T-Mobile case study.

Conference Information

Women & Sustainability Conference This Weekend

Speakers from all over the world are arriving to speak at the Women & Sustainability Conference this weekend at Cornell Law, including Makoma Lekalakala of Earthlife Africa.

A baby being built out of puzzle pieces.

Are Designer Babies in Our Future?

Genetic technology gives rise to myriad of legal and moral debates—in this post, Chad Pollard delves into the major issues at play.

Update from the Blog Editors

We are in a period of transition and have some newly-elected positions at the helm of the blog!  Lisa Schmidt, Mystyc Metrik, and I are the first group of ‘official’ JLPP Blog Editors, newly-created positions on the JLPP Board.  Adam Kobler is serving as our Internet Editor, the Blog’s techie guy. The past couple months, new content has been

Mug Shot of Casey Anthony

The Tweeted Tale of Tot Mom: Trial by Twitter

Mimi Zhuravitsky explores the role of social media in the 2011 courtroom spectacle—the Casey Anthony trial.