Cosmetic Industry and Animal Testing

Those who look up to Europe should look twice.

Of Bathrooms and Bullycides: How Not to Protect LGBT Youth from Harassment

Professor Susan Hazeldean discusses the impact of schools’ discriminatory treatment of LGBT youth.

Troubling Foreign Battles in the U.S. War on Cocaine

America’s war on crack- and powder-cocaine has repeatedly targeted those least able to combat it.

Jury Representativeness: It’s No Joke in the State of New York

Professor Valerie Hans discusses the importance of jury representativeness and how even with some of the best practices in the country, some New York counties have a wide discrepancy between the racial makeup of their communities and the racial makeup of those who actually serve on the jury.

The Amazon Chernobyl

Attempts to clean up an Ecuadorean region of the Amazon prove to be messier than the damage left behind by oil companies.

Here’s To You, Pamela Shelinsky

In light of the untimely passing of a former JLPP Article Editor, Pamela Shelinsky (1980-2011), Mystyc Metrik takes a moment to commemorate Ms. Shelinsky’s life and achievements.

Maintaining Law and Order in Protest Movements

Police tactics in maintaining order during protest movements should be given a high degree of deference.

ObamaCare Recusal

Requests that some justices recuse themselves from hearing the healthcare cases reveal the public’s declining trust of the Supreme Court.

Tackling Complex Public Policy Concerns: The Need for Interdisciplinary, Problem-Solving Clinical Education

Are you familiar with acid violence and how to combat it? Complex public policy problems, arising from globalization and specialization between and within disciplines, are at the forefront of society’s development issues. Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum discusses an innovation methodology to solve these problems.

The People be Damned

Get ready to lose the best influence in government that you probably never knew you had! Josiah Heidt discusses how Congress is planning to destroy the public’s ability to directly participate in government policymaking and the administrative rulemaking process.