Constitution Making and Post-conflict States

Cornell Law Professor and Director of the Cornell Institute for African Develpment Muna Ndulo discusses the processes needed to create a successful and lasting constitution in post-conflict states.

One Book, Two Books, Redbook, Bluebook

Have you ever wondered why we use Bluebook citation form for virtually EVERYTHING we do in law school? What makes the Bluebook so special, anyway, besides its mass? Mystyc Metrik gives you the inside scoop on legal citation.

One-Week Winter Hiatus

This blog is on a one week hiatus following the conclusion of exams and the beginning of winter break for Cornell Law students. We will be back with regular Tuesday/Thursday posts starting next week.

Regulation Room: Getting More, Better Public Participation

Professor Cynthia Farina discusses how Cornell’s e-Rulemaking Initiative’s “Regulation Room” helps government get better public participation in writing new regulations

Let Them Drink Perrier

How a dictator’s son funds his lavish lifestyle in Bel Air while many of his country’s citizens lack access to clean water.

Religious Liberty, Federal Law, and Foxes

The Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in a case on First Amendment rights afforded to employees of churches and other religious institutions. Colin McKeon discusses some of the complexities of the case.

My Life as an Undocumented American

Mr. Krsna Avila describes how his view of himself as an American was shattered when he discovered his status as an undocumented immigrant. He describes how his status as an undocumented immigrant affected his emotions and his identity.